Solid Brass Padlocks

The Master Lock® padlock series, with a thick solid brass body, provides an increased level of protection to attacks and includes: stea hardenedel shackle that provides strong resistance to bolt cutters; dual locking levers that give the shackle additional pull strength; a single piece brass body that gives the padlock better resistance to rust; a security cylinder with reversible key for excellent resistance to picking.

120         120 – 170 Padlocks

1202840 Padlocks

2930     2930 – 2960 Padlocks

19501950 Padlocks

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Covered Solid Body Padlocks


140 Padlocks


8060, 8080 Padlocks


Rectangular Brass Body Padlocks.


Rectangular Zinc Body Padlocks

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Solid Aluminium Padlocks

Featuring a modern silver colour, these solid aluminium padlocks are available in different sizes and shapes. Ideal for securing lockers, trunks, cupboards, sheds, residential gates or basement storage units.


9130PSP soccer9130PSP basket9130PSP tennis

Printed Pattern Padlocks


Polish Metal Finish


Black Vinyl Cover

9123COL blue var

Vinyl Cover – Pastel

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Laminated Steel Pin Tumbler Padlocks

The collection of pin tumbler locks offers dual  locking hardened steel shackles and tough laminated steel bodies which stand up to physical abuse for dependable protection against theft. Laminated steel body: the strongest padlock body for general security.

3Classic Padlocks

380DRust-Oleum® Certified Padlocks

4684COLFusion Padlocks

1DEXShrouded Padlocks

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Weather Resistant Laminated Steel Pin Tumbler Padlocks

These padlocks were specifically designed for outdoor applications. The high-tech thermoplastic shell protects the padlock against moisture, dirt and grime. Ideal for securing sheds, residential gates or garages.


312311, 312 Padlocks

317D317 Padlocks

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Die-Cast Zinc And Solid Steel Padlocks

Steel padlocks offer a strong resistance to hammering, shock and physical abuse for dependable protection against theft. Master Lock®’s laminated steel padlocks are available with fixed or removable  4, 5 or 6 pin cylinders.

930LH930, 970 Padlocks

220220 Padlocks

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