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RCCBs – Selective Product Range Type S (delay)

The selective Residual Current
Circuit Breakers are available with 100, 300 mA sensitivity in 2 and 4 pole version.

A selective RCCBs is time delayed ( min. 300ms at IØn). And it is commonly used as a main breaker to prevent nuisance tripping due to transient overvoltages and provide discrimination with the downstream standard RCCBs.

Technical data

nominal voltage :

  • 2-pole 127-230V
  • 4-pole 230-400V

Surge current withstand(8/20∝s):

  • Standard : 250A
  • Selective : 3kA
  • Type AC

Positive contact indication :

  • Red : contacts closed
  • Green : contacts open

Earth fault indicator :

  • Breaker tripping due to earth fault shown by yellow window

Transient protected :

  • Protected against nuisance tripping

Standard : IEC 61008-1

Type  In (A)  Mod. Cat. Ref. Cat. Ref.
100mA 300mA
CN240B 2-pole 40A 2 CN240B
4 pole 40A 4 CN440B CP440B
Selective 63A 4 CN463B CP463B
80A 4 CN480B CP480M
 CN463B Alarm and auxiliary contact 5A/230V 1 CZ001 CZ001
Auxiliary contact for remote
indication of breaker position,
and alarm contact for remote
fault indication.
CN463B Terminal cover kit for RCCBs 2❚ 16 to 63A 10 sets CZN005
(1 set = 2 covers) for RCCBs 4❚ 16 to 63A 10 sets CZN006