Trading is a value added function of the economic process of a product finding its market, where specific risks are to be borne by the trader, affecting the assets being traded which will be mitigated by performing specific functions.

Trading can also refer to the action performed by traders and other market agents in the financial markets.

We have a few trading companies as follows:

tws logo PT. Tunas Wijaya Sakti – Jakarta Since 1975
tunas muda sakti logo PT. Tunas Muda Sakti- Surabaya Since 1984
PT. Tunas Era Prestasi Sakti – Batam Since 2006
PT. Tunas Kawanua Sinar Selaras Sakti – Manado Since 2011
PT. Tunas Bali Karsa Sakti – Bali Since 2011
PT. Tunas Balikpapan Daya Sukses Sakti – Balikpapan Since 2010
PT. Tunas Parahyangan Cemerlang Sejati Sakti – Bandung Since 2013