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Owned and managed by Golden Spring Export Pte Ltd in Singapore, the ASUKI trademark was officially registered in 1992. To date, the brand has enjoyed 14 years of steady growth, and has built a reputation amongst its customers that is synonymous with quality and value.

Incorporated in 1986, Golden Spring Export Pte Ltd (GSE) is in the business of supplying automotive replacement parts to regional neighbours such as Malaysia and Philippines, as well as countries as far away as Vladivostok in Russia and Suriname in South America.

With 6,000 sq. m. of floor space dedicated to storage and warehousing needs, GSE boasts a product range exceeding 50,000 – including batteries, belts, brake parts, bushings, cables, clutch kits, engine parts, filters, hoses, spark plugs, suspensions, water pumps, wiper blades, etc. This capacity also allows the company to keep a ready and accessible inventory for its customers, thus reducing their order lead times and minimising locked-down funds.

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