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Nice, Practical and Simple


Mosquito Magnet Wire Fiber and Aluminum

Needs mosquito netting is necessary to maintain and protect our health and family from mosquitoes and other insects. In addition, mosquito nets are also an important part of your home that can beautify and make your home look more exclusive.

Dimora develop modern tech screen system made of fiber and aluminum to deter mosquitoes and other insects into the house. Arranged in a frame and a flexible magnetic tape, not easily broken, and practical to be installed not only on the windows but also on your ventilation holes and expanda door home.

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Excellence of Mosquito Magnet Wire Dimora

  • Mosquito friend Dimora practical and easy to clean / washed
  • Made of high quality materials and does not tear easily
  • Frame is made of strong and flexible magnets
  • Economical and affordable price
  • Available 4 colors (gray, coffee, white & black)
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