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The Hager Group is a leading supplier of solutions and services for electrotechnical installation in residential and commercial buildings as well as for industrial applications.

The family owned company operates worldwide employing approximately 10,000 people generating a turnover of 1.3 bn€.

Since its foundation Hager has been a company with a cross-border awareness and philosophy. Our roots lie in the heart of Europe, in the Searland (Germany) and Alsace (France). Our future in Europe and throughout the world.

Business Profile

As a leading supplier of systems, solutions and services for electrical installations, the Hager Group provides an extensive offer, ranging from power distribution and cable management to smart building automation and safety and security items – for an equally extensive field of application suitable for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

The Hager Group unites the knowledge of leading specialists in their field. Other than the Hager brand it includes: Ebo, Tolmega and CES representing the section of innovative systems for cable management – as well as Daitem and Diagral leading brands in Europe in the field of safety and security technology.

The Hager Group is an independent business, owned and run by members of the Hager family and well rooted in its tradition as a family owned business. Since 2007, the Hager Group has been registered as a European Society SE (Societas Europaea). By doing so, the Hager Group emphasises its cultural diversity as well as its European character.

Today, the Hager Group has 30 production plants in 12 countries. The sales organisation in 55 countries is supported by more than 7000 distribution bases of our wholesalers. A close relation to the customers and retailers brings a strong presence on the local markets.

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