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Deterrence devices

Indoor siren DW HRI-10
DW HRI-10 Indoor syrene:

  • Anti-tampering & burglaring
  • 115 dBpower
DW HRO-10 Outdoor syrene:

  • Anti-tampering & burglaring
  • 108 dBpower
 The two horns HRI-10 and HRO-10, will deter any house break in attempt.
  • Very loud: 115 dB
  • Easy to hide
  • No LED on the product
  • Self protected against opening and tearing off the wall.
  • Very loud: 108 dB
  • The flash helps to identify the origin of the noise
  • Self protected against opening and tearing-off the wall
  • Protected against rain, condensation and fog.


Technical Features Horns

Model Sound pressure Environmental conditions n.° Battery
DW-HRI-10 115dB from +5°C to +40°C 4 4 years
DW-HRO-10 108dB from -25°C to +55°C 4 4 years