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Vista SL


Vista SL
  • Vista SL1
  • Vista SL2
  • Complete range of automations for fast sliding and swing pedestrian doors with leaves having a maximum weight of 150 kg.
  • The control unit, with a programming display and microprocessor technology, makes it possible to control all the main functions automatically. The cushioned rail and shaped wheels guarantee absolute silence in movement.
  • Control unit with programming display and autoset system for movement and torque parameters. Incorporated dual channel radio receiver. WMP rapid assembly profile. Electric locking with the holding of doors at each stop position.
  • Available assembled to size or in an assembly kit
  • Operators for sliding pedestrian doors 1 or 2 door entrances up to 2.9 me door to 120 + 120 kg.
  • Speed 100 + 100 cm / s
  • Trolleys and reinforced track on amortized support for maximum smoothness and quietness of operation.
  • Encoder and electric brake for maximum safety


Control unit ARIA EVO ARIA EVO
Number of doors 1 2
Weight 150 kg 120 + 120 kg
Leaf type sliding sliding
Motor type dunker motor dunker motor
Motor power supply 24 V 24 V
Type of limit switch encoder + mechanical stop for opening encoder + mechanical stop for opening
Clear opening from 750 mm to 2500 mm from 750 mm to 2500 mm
Opening speed up to 100 cm/sec up to 200 cm/sec
Closing speed up to 100 cm/sec up to 200 cm/sec
Approach speed from 5 cm/sec to 10 cm/sec from 5 cm/sec to 10 cm/sec
Impact reaction electronic torque limiter electronic torque limiter
Locking mechanical mechanical
Manual cycle reversible reversible
Release release lever release lever
Use cycle continuous continuous
Environmental conditions from 0°C to 50°C from 0°C to 50°C