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Vista SW


  • Vista SW MXL (with motor)
  • Vista SW SXL (with motor & spring)
  • Swinging doors are the best solutions in case of very narrow sites or to let existing swinging doors to be opened automatically.
  • 31% of automatic doors in Europe are swinging ones.
  • Vista SW XL is Bft’s new swinging door model.
  • Up to date / higher end models use a spring to assist the door closing in order to: Allow manual opening assuring automatic mechanical closing in case of power failures, Keep the door closed avoiding the use of the motor thus preserving the motor and saving energy.
  • Closing speed and slow down is adjusted by the motor itself.
  • In Vista SW SXL the type of spring is a compression one and it is external to the gear motor : this allows longer spring life span and easier maintenance operations.
  • Swinging automatic doors can be installed by the same side where the door opens. In this situation, the operator requires a sliding arm to “pull” the door leaf in opening.
  • Swinging automatic doors can also be installed by the opposite side of door opening. In this situation, the operator “pushes” the door leaf to open it by means of an articulated arm.
  • Vista SW can also be used in a “master & slave” mode to open a double swinging door.
  • Range of automations for swing pedestrian doors, suitable also for automating existing entrances and ideal for intensive use and for heavy leaves with large dimensions. Available both with motorised management of opening and closing and with controlled closing with a return spring. The control unit, with a programmable display and microprocessor technology, makes it possible to control all the main functions automatically.
  • Model Sw Sxl: in case of power failure, the spring always allows manual opening with spring operated self closing.
Vista SW Control Board
  • Control board management: by a 2 digit display, buttons, dip switches
  • Push & Go function: automatic opening by door pushing
  • Low energy function: reduced speed and torque, longer pause time, suitable for disabled people
  • Control device: Vista Sel SW


Control unit Digital display and dip switch Digital display and dip switch
Number of doors 1 1
Leaf type swing swing
Motor type dunker motor dunker motor
Shaft max output torque 85 Nm 85 Nm
Closing with motor return spring
Max leaf weight 250 kg 250 kg
Max opening angle 110° 110°
Type of limit switch encoder encoder
Opening speed up to 70°/sec up to 70°/sec
Closing speed up to 40°/sec up to 40°/sec
Closing force (according to EN 1154) en4-en6
Emergency operation backup batteries spring closing/manual manoeuvre
Clear opening from 700 mm to 1400 from 700 mm to 1400
Impact reaction electronic torque limiter electronic torque limiter
Locking solenoid lock solenoid lock
Manual cycle reversible reversible
Use cycle continuous continuous
Environmental conditions from -10°C to 50°C from -10°C to 50°C



dimensions Vista SW