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Aliseo A-180 SW

Electromechanical automation

KIT A-180 SW
  • Electromechanical operator for swing gates up to 1.8 m and 150 kg
  • Innovative chain drive
  • Encoder and D-Track for obstacle detection
  • Integrated adjustable mechanical stops
  • Automatic adjustment of the stroke during Autoset
  • Lever release with triangular key
  • Connection system 2-wire safety-compliant


A-180 SW
Control Unit A-CTBOARD SW 180
Operator weight 5,5 kg
Operator type electromechanically operated swing gates
Power supply 24 V
Power input 20 W
Useful rod stroke 294 mm
Maximum angle 119°
Cycle time 16 sec
Type of limit switch encoder
Slowdown yes
Impact reaction D-Track
Locking mechanical
Release triangle key
Frequency of use intensive
Environmental conditions from -20°C to 50°C

* A-CTBOARD SW 180 : Control panel for one or two A-180 SW series operators





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