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  • This automatic system is suited for automation of doors when overall dimensions, large pillars or columns don’t allow the use of traditional actuators.
  • BE.SC/BE.C is equipped with an articulated arm BE.BC which permits smotth and noiseless movements, it is easy to assemble and thanks to its pleasant design, is able to meet the most demandig requirements.
  • Irreversible geared motor group. The door opening is adjusted by limit switches.
  • The system can be released by an emergency lever with personalised key which allows the manual operation of the gate in the event of power failure.
  • Available in the 230 V A.C. type and in the 24 V D.C. type.

  • Photocells, radio-receiver unit, transmitter, control unit, flashing lamp, key selector, push-button, antenna, column for photocells


BE.SC  -BE.SC24 – BE.C

Installation Limits

Leaf width Max weight
1,8 m 350 kg
2,1 m 300 kg
32,3 m 280 kg


Technical Data

Technical Data BE.SC/BE.C
Motor supply V A.C. 230 V D.C. 230
Absorbed power W 250 W 80
Absorbed current A 1,2 A 3
Torque 220 N 200 N
90° opening time 18 sec. 12 sec.
Operating cycle 30% intensive use
Degree of protection IP 54 IP 54
Operative temperature -20°/+70°C -20°/+70°C
Rod stroke mt 2,3 mt 2,3
Lubrication Grease Grease
Weight Kg 8,3-10 Kg 8,3-10
Reversibility no/si no/si