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Microcomputer Control Boxes

Type: SH-22 & SH-15

Power ultra-mini brushless dc motor of high performance developed with state of the art technology.

Microcomputer provides speedy and silent operation.

AC aluminium mounting base

Standard Features

Powerful brushless DC motor
  • The brushless DC motor of high performance is silent and the door moves quietly when it approaches the fully closed position.
Brushless DC motor SH-22 & SH-15 2
Continuous operation
  • The motor of high performance developed with in the scope of the latest technology provides speedy and cool operation even after continuous opening and closing.
Press closing
  • The door is pressed at fully closed position by the special character of the DC motor. The effect of the air-condition is not lost through the gap of the door.
Automatic memory for door stroke
  • The door braking and stop position are automatically determined and memorized by the microcomputer.
microcomputer control box SH-22 & SH-15
Door opening width adjustment
  • An adjustment screw is provided on the microcomputer control hox so as adjust the door opening width from full to any desired length. It certaintly contributes to your energy saving plan for air-conditioned building.
Durable aluminium hanger rail
  • The surface of the rail is specially treated to have durability againt wear and tear.
Easy assembly
  • All major components are attached in the aluminium mounting base which can be supplied at any length. Consequently the installation is done very easily.
Easy door hanging adjustment
  • The door hanging can be adjusted without any trouble of difficulty by means of one M8 bolt.

Optional Parts

Battery back-up device
  • The device is powered by a constantly changed battery. It automatically opens or closes the door in case of power failure. LED (Light-emitting diode) which shows the remains of the battery charge is provided on the device.
battery back-up device SH-22 & SH-15
Electronic lock – manual release
  • The electronic lock is available in two types DL – 21L (Locked in case of power failure). The lock can be released temporarily by no voltage continuous signals. An optional manual release can be attached to DL – 2L.
Electronic lock DL-21R per L
Selector key switch
  • The program selector switch can be attached to the electronic lock. (OFF: Shut off, EXIT: outgoing traffic only, AUTO: Fully automatic, OPEN: permanently open)
selector key switch
Doorside beam
  • The transmitter and the receiver of the beam are attached to the vertical jambs facing each other. It is an infrared beam that operates the automatic door when the protected bema is interrupted by a person or an object this door side beam is used subsidiary for active switches.
door side beam

Active switch

Sensor switches
Proximity switch
Step-mat switch
(A ceiling type is also available
The switch is set into the floor
Various sizes are available
sensor switches proximity switch step-mat switch
Other actives switches are also available (touch switch, pull switch, pedal switch and other).



– Electronic chime, floor guide rail, door bottom guide, floor guide roller, door vinyl seal and other.


Combination of Brushless DC motor SH-22 and microcomputer

Control box HM-22 is available for other types

Standard Heavy duty Telescopic sliding
SH-22 AC Type SH-22 AG Type AN-22 (compact)
Standard SH-22 AC Type Heavy duty SH-22 AG Type Telescopic sliding AN-22 (compact)
Telescopic sliding Semi-circular Flexible vinyl strips
 AW-22 (heavy duty)  AR-22  AI-22
Telescopic sliding AW-22 (heavy duty) Semi-circular AR-22 Flexible vinyl strips AI-22


Main Equipment

Full opening full closing output signal (continuuous signals)
  • The door with an electronic lock can be checked from a guardroom.
Latch hold open (input)
  • The door is fully opened by a signal ON of thr connected switch and remains open until the next signal os turned ON.
Outside door opening adjustment (Input)
  • The door opening width can be  also adjustment with an optional srew.
Automatic re-opening
  • The door automatically reverses on the closing cycle when meeting resistance from a person or object.
One touch cycle system
  • The door is securely opened and closed by any short signal from active switch such as a touch switch.
  • When on outside breakaway signals is turned ON, the door stops instantly.
Reed switches
  • The door braking and stop position can be determined at any place you like with an optional reed switches instead of automatic setting.
Monitor Lamp
  • If the door operation is incorrect, the lamp blinks when the door stops at the fully closed position.



SH-22  Single leaf Bi-Parting
Door weight Up to 150 kg Up to 110 kg x 2
Opening / Closing speed 100 ~ 500 mm/sec (adjustable) 100 ~ 500 mm/sec (adjustable)
Slow speed after braking 20 ~ 100 mm/sec (adjustable) 20 ~ 100 mm/sec (adjustable)
Hold time 0 ~ 10 sec (adjustable) 0 ~ 10 sec (adjustable)
Power consumption 150 W (average) 150 W (average)
Door stroke Up to 10.000 mm Up to 10.000 mm

SH-15  Single leaf Bi-Parting
Door weight Up to 100 kg Up to 75 kg x 2
Opening / Closing speed 100 ~ 400 mm/sec (variable) 100 ~ 400 mm/sec (variable)
Slow speed after braking 20 ~ 100 mm/sec (variable) 20 ~ 100 mm/sec (variable)
Hold time 0 ~ 10 sec (adjustable) 0 ~ 10 sec (adjustable)
Power consumption 150 W (average) 150 W (average)
Door stroke Up to 10.000 mm Up to 10.000 mm