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Barrier Gate Operator

For control and management of parking lots, toll gates, terminal yards, railways crossings, commercial premises, apartment block access and many more applications.

  • Self-locking oil immersed electromechanical gearmotor, maintenance free
  • Adjustable balancing system
  • Overheat & overload dual protection
  • Manual operation in case of power failure
  • Key release system
  • Auto-close function, time adjustable
  • Safety obstruction reverse (an infrared photocell must be installed)
  • Built-in control panel, connectable to IC card reader, loop detector, infrared photocells, alarm lamp & remote control
  • Proximity limit switch
  • Base plate is provided for floor installation
  • Easy to install: the barrier can be insatlled to the right or the left
  • Quality coating
  • High reliability & low maintenance
  • High speed & silent operation
 TR 663 SS TR 665 SS TR 667 SS
TR 663 SS TR 665 SS TR 667 SS