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TR 360 DC

Advance Features
Safety Features
  • The door will automatically reverse during the closing cycle when meeting resistance from a person or an object. In case of power failure, the door can be easily opened and closed by hand.
High Efficiency Micro-computer Control Set
  • The micro-computer will run command accurately with free control on speed adjustment.
Easy Installation and Adjustment
  • The automatic door system can be easily installed and adjusted. All major components are attached in the aluminium
Smooth Operation
  • The best performance which is developed on the last technology provides speedy and smooth operation.


automatic sliding door 3



Type Single Bi-parting
Loading weight 90kgs – 150kgs 150kgs. (150kgs x 2)
Specification / size DW=800~1500 mm DW=800~1300 mm x 2
Speed in open / close 700 mm /sec close/open can be adjusted
Micro-computer controller super-compact design in controller block with 8 digital
Driving belt 7.5M with teeth (width 15m/m)
Hold opening time 0.1 ~ 10 seconds
Slow speed 3 ~ 6 cm/sec /leaf (adjustable)
Safety protection Automatic open when meets obstacle in open or close
Average consume voltage 100 W
Motor starting power 200 watt
Temperature range – 20 degree C to 50 degree
Manual opening force below 4.5 kgs
Power active AC 110v – AC 220v 50/60 hz