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EFEN-battery fuse-switches and fuse-links for UPS


✓ Defined point of intersection between battery and UPS.

✓ Isolation of the battery during service and maintenance work.

✓ Protection of the battery and connecting cables against overheating and mechanical damage in case of high faults.

Specific requirements for EFEN-battery-switches and battery-fuses

✓ EFEN-single-pole fuse-switches DIN-sizes 00 up to 4a are specifically suited to disconnect and safeguard backup batteries in UPS applications. These batteries can in most cases not be protected by general purpose fuselinks but require fast acting characteristics. The extra heat coming from these fuse-links has to be regarded when selecting suitable fuse-switch-disconnectors. EFEN has chosen high temperature and mechanically stable materials that allow for a very compact and durable design and reliable operating.

✓ Specific care must be taken when selecting appropriate fuse-links to protect the back-up battery. The fuse elements have to be resistant to aging in order to prevent premature operation under rated service conditions.

✓ The fuse-link characteristics has to be carefully selected according to the UPS and the battery rating in order to provide reliable full range protection of the battery. Experienced application engineers in EFEN’s electrical laboratory are prepared to work out proposals for individual applications and to assist the UPS-designer in this special subject.

Features and advantages of EFEN battery fuse-switches and fuse-links for UPS

✓ EFEN battery fuse-links provide superior short-circuit protection.

✓ Silver fuse elements resistant to ageing prevent premature operation.

✓ Low power dissipation prevents overheating of insulating components.

✓ Parallel switching including two arc quenching chambers gives excellent DC breaking capacity.

✓ High power acceptance of fuse-switches prevent overheating even under severe load conditions.

✓ Complete choise of fuse-switches and fuse-links available for tailor-made protection of major UPS up to 550 V battery voltage in the market.