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For voltage transformer “HSW”

HV fuse-links for voltage transformer “HSW” acc. to VDE 0670 T4/IEC 60 282-1

HV fuse-links for voltage transformers (HSW) serve for shortcircuit protection. They reliably disconnect the faulted transformer from the supply. Their compact design enables integration into the transformer housing. By sealing the transformer housing with a screw cap, the HSW can be replaced and is visible from outside if the screw cap has a window. For status indication purposes, the HSW can be provided with an indicator. The HSW can be used for transformers with a limit rating up to 3000 VA (6 up to 12 kV) or 6000 VA (15 up to 24 kV).

The switching capacity of the HSW is so high due to the double-action current limitation that the fuse-link can be used independent of the short-circuit current of the system. The HSW operates highly current limiting on short-circuits, so that only a maximum peak current of 1 kA flows for several microseconds. In this way, reactions of the fault on the supplying system are largely suppressed.

HV fuse-links for voltage transformer Dimension HV fuse-links for voltage transformer
For voltage transformer “HSW” figure Dimension drawings For voltage transformer “HSW”


Electrical data, dimensions, weights

Order No. Version Rated voltage range Dimensions  Cold resistance
UN a b Rkalt
    kV mm mm Ω kg Pack
67036.0004 with indicator 6/12 160 155 7 0,15 1
67037.0004 15/24 280 275 14 0,27 1
67036.0003 without indicator  6/12 160 155  7 0,15 1
67037.0003 15/24 280 275 14 0,27 1