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Product description

Low voltage surge-arresters

280 V/500 V with metal oxide varistor 5 kA/10 kA

  • Metal oxide varistor embedded in ceramic insulator.
  • Threaded terminal end (screw bolts).
  • Mounting angle with clamp, made of stainless steel.
  • Current cable fittings and prevailing accessories for overhead lines and conductor bars.
  • Insulated, the flexible connecting line (copper) 6 mm2 can be chosen either with or without conductor bunch with sleeve.
  • The signal colour “yellow” helps to clearly identify a released overvoltage arrester.
  • Kunststoffseil das unkontrollierte Abfallen der Leitung bei ausgelöstem Ableiter.
  • The “rope-throwing-off-function” prevents – by means of a plastic rope being attached to the insulating cap and the connecting line – the uncontrolled line drop with released arrester.

Function mode

  • Protection of electrical equipment against overvoltage.
  • Overvoltages may result from switching operations, earth faults and short circuits or atmospheric discharges.
  • With overvoltage, the non-linear resistance lowers in such a way, that the overvoltage is restricted.
  • Secondary currents are suppressed by the rapidly increasing resistance.
  • The metal oxide varistor with a very high resistance at given operating voltage, responses quickly and does not require any discharging gap.


  • High protection is given to the electrical equipment in the nanosecond range.
  • Due to higher current carrying capacity, the10 kA-type reacts len sensitive and thus reducs service and maintenance costs.
  • Compact, waterproof, weather-resisting.

Technical data

Type ONA ZnO
5kA 280V
10kA 280V
5kA 500V
10kA 500V
Nominal discharge current IN [kA] 5 10 5 10
Standard IEC 61643-1 03/2005
EN 61643-11 12/2002
VDE 0675 Teil 6-11 12/2002
Class outdoor
Disconnector yes yes yes yes
Status indicator yes yes yes yes
Maximum continuous operating voltage UC  [ V ] 280 280 500 500
Maximum discharge current IMAX  [ kA ] 25 25 25 25
Residual voltage without earth connection URES  [ V ] 851 987 1481 1642
Voltage protection level without earth connection UP  [ kV ] 0,9 1,0 1,5 1,8
Residual voltage with earth connection 1 m URES  [ V ] 1187 1688 1863 2353
Voltage protection level with earth connection 1 m UP  [ kV ] 1,2 1,8 2 2,5
Standby power consumption PC [ mW ] 56 56 106 106