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EKDEO – NH Fuse-Switch

Vertical design

NH Fuse-Switches vertical design size 1/2

The special operating conditions of power utilities require the capability to disconnect the 3 phases of a switching device 1-pole from the net to guarantee the maintenance of the power supply if necessary. Beside comfort in operation and application, especially safety and reliability are very important in this applicable spectrum.

Safe operation and easy assembly are significant for the new fuse-switch EKDEO. The compact construction enables the application in flat power distribution cabinets of extreme design.

In keeping with EFEN tradition, a modern design supports the functional elements leading to an easy operation. The EKDEO-fuse-switch fits perfectly well in the long line of technical innovation of EFEN and fulfils the demand for high quality and delivery performance. For this fuse switch, as for our other products, individual solutions for customers remain a strong EFEN feature.

As one of the market leaders for NH fuse-switches, EFEN offers a wide range of products with benefits for the panel building industry in each field of power-supply and –
distribution. Our long standing experience makes us a reliable partner.