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NH Fuse-Switches & NH Fuse-Rails

Vertical design

NH fuse-rails and fuse-switches are top products as to quality, technique and safety. Decades of EFENexperience with NH fuse-links, -bases and NH switches are a guarantee for our customers to receive NH devices of advanced technology. The insulated components are of highly heat resistant plastics, halogen-free, break- and self extinguishing. The electrical contact parts are made of surface-processed E-Cu. By double breaking the strain of the contacts when switching is minimized.

NH fuse-rails and -switches offer the user the application under extreme continuous operating according to VDE 0660/IEC/EN 60 947-3. If national or international approbations are requested, we are ready to advise the best solution. Special types, not shown in this catalogue are available. The EFEN engineering team ia always ready to work out solutions to users’ problems.

NH fuse-switch, vertical design, size 00-100-125-160 A Series2000 NH fuse-rails, size 00-185--160 A with contact- and terminal-cover
NH Fuse-Switches vertical design NH Fuse Rails vertical design


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