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Series 2000

NH fuse-switches, vertical design, Size 00/100 3-pole switching with a total width of only 50 mm are compact and can be combined ideally with the 100 mm width NH fuse-switches sizes 1–3. The clear built-in depth is 190 mm (specification of cable distribution cabinets). They are fully protected against direct contact with live parts in any switch position, acc. to BGV A3. Due to the double breaking per phase (6 arc quenching chambers) the high breaking capacity is achieved.

Terminal top or bottom is optional without modification. The variety of useful accessories of the NH fuse-switches size 00/100 offer an all-round application. For example contacting on busbars of 60 mm, 100 mm and 185 mm busbar centre distances is possible (please see Busbar Adapters page).

NH fuse-switch, vertical design, size 00-100-125-160 A Series2000 single pole switching Series 2000
Size 00 Size 1-2-3