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Busbar Adapters

Busbar adapter for NH fuse-rails/NH fuse-switches, size 00/100

NH fuse-rails size 00/100 and NH fuse-switches, vertical design, size 00/100 are basically designed for busbars with a 100 mm busbar centre distance. They can be either fixed with screws or without drilling by means of contacting hooks (see Accessories page). By use of special adapters, these units are also suitable for busbars with centre distances of 60 mm or 185 mm.

Thus the normal standard range of busbar systems of NH fuse bases, 3-pole, vertical design, size 00/100 mounted on busbars is covered. The adapter for 185 mm busbar distance adjusts the height difference to NH fuse-switches, vertical design, sizes 1–2– 3, the additionally available adjusting frames level the length difference.

Busbar adapter size 00/100

Busbar centre distance mm Order No. Description
60 36039.0010 Mono-adapter
185 36105.0020 Twin-adapter
36035.0020 Mono-adapter



Busbar adapter 100/60 mm
Busbar adapter 100-60 mm
Busbar adapter 100/185 mm
Busbar adapter 100-185 mm - Mono adapter
Mono adapter
Busbar adapter 100-185 mm - Twin adapter
Twin adapter