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NH fuse-switches series 2000 vertical design for horizontal mounting

  • The NH fuse-switches series 2000, vertical design size 00 (see Series 2000 – Size 00 page) are also in standard version suitable for horizontal mounting.
  • The NH fuse-switches, vertical design, sizes 1–2–3 as special types, are suited for horizontal mounting.
Terminal Amps Type Order No. Description
Inserted screw nut 250 single pole switching 38614.0180 NH-La-Lei 1N 1P WA S6
250 three pole switching 38614.0170 NH-La-Lei 1N 3P WA S6
Inserted screw nut 400 single pole switching 38624.0180 NH-La-Lei 2N 1P WA S6
400 three pole switching 38624.0170 NH-La-Lei 2N 3P WA S6
Inserted screw nut 630 single pole switching 38634.0180 NH-La-Lei 3N 1P WA S6
630 three pole switching 38634.0170 NH-La-Lei 3N 3P WA S6

Dimensions see Series 2000 – Size 1-2-3 page