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Smoke Detector

Description :

  • This optical smoke detector is intended for the protection of private apartments in buildings, or homes, mobile homes and motor homes.

It can be:
– used as standalone unit, or
– inter-connected in wired network of up to 40 detectors.

Fixing :

Fixing with flush-mounting box

– For boxes of 60mm diameter: Use holes marked 60
– For boxes of 85mm diameter: Use holes marked 85
– Fix the base using suitable screws.

Technical characteristics :

– Type of detection: optical smoke detector
– Average coverage: 50m2
– Use: interior
– Wired interconnection: up to 40 detectors.
– Maximum cable length: 400m max
– Maximum cable diameter: 1.5mm2
– Operating temperature: -10˚C -> +55˚C
– Storage temperature: 10˚C -> +60˚C
– Protection class: IP32
– Dimensions (D xH): 125mm x 48mm
– Weight: 210g
– Standard: DIN EN 14604 :2005

Designation Colour Pack Qty. Cat. Ref.
TG500A Battery-operated smoke detector
9V alkaline battery White 1 TG500A
battery life: approximately 4 years.  
possibility of using Ultralife lithium Silver 1 TG500B
battery with approximately 10 years lifespan  
TG500A Brown 1 TG500C
TG501B Mains powered smoke detector 230V
230V ~ / 9V alkaline battery White 1 TG501A
battery life: approximately 10 years
(no lithium battery) Silver 1 TG501B
TG501B Brown 1 TG501C