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  • Hager dimmers control the lighting level of all types of lighting source: incandescent, LV halogen, VLV halogen with electronic or ferromagnetic transformer, LED VLV lamps with electronic transformer, fluorescent with electronic ballast.
  • The new generation EVN dimmers 300W and 500W also allow the lighting level adjustment for dimmable CFL and dimmable LED lamps.

Dimming controlled by push button :

– start / stop by short press
– increasing / decreasing by maintaining pressure

Common characteristics :

– universal dimmers with automatic load recognition
– Softstart (progressive start) to increase the working life of lamps
– memorisation of last dimming level
– protection against overheating.

Dimmer 1000 W :

  • Several lamps with up to 1000W power can be driven with the same control by associating EV102 (master) with up to 30 EV102 or EV100 (slave), that represents a total power of 30kW.

Dimmers 1-10V :

  • The lamps equipped with a 1-10 V dimmable input, whatever their power, can be driven by EV106 or EV108.
  • A dimmer can drive up to 30 ballasts:
    the total power depends on the lamps power.


  Designation Characteristics Width in ❚ 17.5 mm Pack Qty. Cat. Ref.
EVN011 Universal dimmers 300 W standard version 1 1 EVN011
– compatible with dimmable CFL
  & LED comfort version 1 1 EVN012
– 3 modes for load learning: – expert mode
  auto, advanced, expert – scene by 2 short double presses on the remote PB
  (comfort version)   (progressive switch-off, night light, 100%, no function)
EVN011 – can replace a latching relay,
  with lighting level function
– push button (phase or neutral)
– very low consumption
EVN004 Universal dimmers 500 W standard version 2 1 EVN002
– compatible CFL and LED
– 3 modes for load learning: comfort version 2 1 EVN004
  auto, advanced, expert – expert mode
  (comfort version) – 100% via 2 short presses on
– very low consumption    the dim input PB
EVN004 – 1 scene PB (scene, time-delayed
   scene, progressive switch-off, night light)
– multi-voltage dim PB
EV100 Commercial dimmers 1000 W standard version 5 1 EV100
– mode selection switch:
  “local”: autonomous operating advanced version 5 1 EV102
  “slave”: 1/10V input – 2 scene PB (scene or override)
  “master” (EV102 only): 1/10V – dimming level display
  output – adjustable parameters
EV100 – min. and max. dim level   (min. and max. dim level,
  dimming rise time, rise time when switching on and off)
EV108 1/10V pilot dimmers standard version 4 1 EV106
– to control electronic ballast or
  EV100/EV102 dimmers advanced version 4 1 EV108
  (max. 30) – 2 scene PB (scene or override)
– dim level display
– adjustable parameters
EV108   (min. and max. dim level, dimming rise time, rise time when switching on and off)
LZ060 Heat dissipation insert ½ 12 LZ060
EV100 Universal dimmer 1000 W for : 230 V ~ / 50 Hz 5 1 EV100
– Functional mode selection via
  local switch : 20 …1000W
  ~ control via pushbutton (local)
  ~ remote control via 1/10V 1/10V-input
EV100 – Min/Max setting via potentiometer
– LED indication :
  ~ 230V power supply/load error
  ~ overload / overheating
Load type :
– incandescent
– 230V halogen lamps
– VLV halogen lamps associated  to ferromagnetic transformer  (inductive)
– VLV halogen lamps associated  to electronic transformer  (capacitive)
EV102 Universal dimmer 1000 W with 230 V ~ / 50 Hz 5 1 EV102
scene inputs
– Functional mode selection via 20 …1000W
  local switch :
  ~ control via pushbutton (local) 1/10V-input/output
  ~ remote control via 1/10V (max. 50mA, 30 EV100 / EV102)
EV102      (slave)
  ~ control of the other dimmers defined via the local switch
     via 1/10V (master)
– Display to show the dim level Contact output :
  and to set the parameters: 1 NO, 250V , μ 5A
   ~ dimming rise time (4s ..99s)
   ~ min dim level (0…49%)
   ~ max dim level (51..99%)
   ~ rise time when switching ON (1s..99s)
   ~ fall time when switching OFF (1s..99s)
   ~ scene level
   ~ dimming rise time for each scene
   ~ scene working mode : recall or override mode
– Output contact to display the  dim state (load is OFF, contact is opened, if load is dimmed the  contact is closed)
– LED indication :
  ~ 230V power supply / load error
  ~ overload / overheating
Load type :
– incandescent
– 230V halogen lamps
– VLV halogen lamps associated to ferromagnetic transformer  (inductive)
– VLV halogen lamps associated to electronic transformer (capacitive)