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Mounting Boxes

Complies with

  • BS 5733

– Colour and size match to hager 8000, 9000, 9088, 10088 series White WA
– Knockouts are provided on the base and sides for cable entry
– With earth terminal

Material: PVC

Description Pack Qty. Cat. Ref.
XB8351 XB8471 Mounting boxes
Mounting box 35mm depth (size 1) 10 XB8351
Mounting box 47mm depth (size 1) 10 XB8471
Mounting box 35mm depth (size 2) 10 XB8352
XB8351 XB8471 Mounting box 47mm depth (size 2) 10 XB8472
XB8352 XB8472
XB8352 XB8472