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Surge Protective Devices For Telephone Lines

SPDs for telephone lines.
For the protection of receiver against transient current surge vehicled by telephone lines (fax, modem, etc…)
Protection is assured in both common and differential modes In-line connection on telephone line with receiver to be protected.

Discharge current :

  • I max 10 kA (8/20 wave).

Connection capacity

– 0.5 to 2.5mm2 flexible conductor
– 0.5 to 2.5mm2 rigid conductor

Degree of protection :

  • IP 10 (in enclosure)

Complies with IEC 61643-21

  Designation Characteristics Width in ❚ 17.5mm Cat. Ref.
SPN504 Voltage surge protection for Un : 130 V 1 SPN505
analog telephone lines Up : 600 V
Voltage surge protection for Un : 40 V 1 SPN504
digital telephone lines Up : 600 V