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Humfree Override Contactors

Humfree Override Contactors

For the remote switching and control of power circuits.

They are equipped with a 3 position manual control button:

– permanent ON,
– automatic mode,
– permanent OFF.

The humfree versions are recommended for housing applications where silent operating is requested.

Complies with IEC 61095.

Can be associated with the auxiliary contact ESC080, except 1 module humfree contactors (ERC225S).

It is recommended to use a heat dissipation insert LZ060 between each product.

  Designation Type Coil
Power Circuit AC7-a / AC1 Width in ❚ 17.5mm Pack Qty. Cat. Ref.
ERC225S Humfree override contactors
2NO 2NO 230V 50/60Hz 25A-250V 1 1 ERC225S
220V DC
40A-440V 3 1 ERC240S
24V 50Hz 40A-440V 3 1 ERD240S
24V DC
63A-440V 3 1 ERD263S
12V 50Hz 40A-440V 3 1 ERL240S
ERC225S 12V DC
63A-440V 3 1 ERL263S
ERC425S 3NO 3NO 230V 50/60Hz 25A-440V 2 6 ERC325S
220V DC
relays 4NO 4NO 230V 50/60Hz 25A-440V 2 1 ERC425S
220V DC
24V 50Hz 25A-440V 2 1 ERD425S
24V DC
ERC425S 12V 50Hz 25A-440V 2 1 ERL425S
12V DC