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Relays & Interface Relays


  • To provide remote control of low power circuits max.16A.

They are equipped with a 3 position manual control button:
– permanent ON,
– automatic mode,
– permanent OFF.

Complies with IEC 61095.

It is recommended to use a heat dissipation insert LZ060 between each 3 products.

Auxiliary contact

  • Associated with a relay, it allows remote signaling.
  • Mechanical status indicator

Interface relays

  • Power contacts adapted to very low voltage circuits. It is operating silently.
  • A signal indicates when the coil is under voltage.
  • These relays ensure a galvanic isolation between LV and VLV up to 4kV.
  Designation Type Coil AC 50Hz In Power Circuit AC7-a/AC1
Width in ❚ 17.5mm Pack Qty. Cat. Ref.
ERD218 Relays 2NO 230V 16A-250V 1 1 ERC216
relays 2NO 24V 16A-250V 1 1 ERD216
8/12V 16A-250V 1 1 ERL216
2NC 2NC 230V 16A-250V 1 1 ERC217
24V 16A-250V 1 1 ERD217
8/12V 16A-250V 1 1 EPN526
relays 1NO+1NC 1NC+1NO 230V 16A-250V 1 12 ERC218
24V 16A-250V 1 1 ERD218
8/12V 16A-250V 1 1 ERL218
ERC418 3NO 3NO 230V 16A-440V 2 1 ERC316
relays 4NO 4NO 230V 16A-440V 2 1 ERC416
relays 2NO+2NC 2NC+2NO 230 16A-440V 2 1 ERC418
ERC418 24V 16A-440V 2 1 ERD418
12V 16A-440V 2 1 ERL418
Humfree relays 2NO+2NC 24V 16A-440V 2 1 ERD418S
relays 2NO+2NC AC/DC
EN145 12V 16A-440V 2 1 ERL418S
Interface relays VLV/LV coil voltage: 1 1 EN145
Interface relays VLV-LV 10 to 26V AC/DC
output: 1 changeover contact
max. 5A 230V AC
min. 10mA – 12V DC
Interface relays LV/VLV coil voltage: 1 1 EN146
Interface relays LV-VLV 230V AC
output: 1 changeover contact
max. 5A 230V AC
min. 10mA – 12V DC