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Selector Switches


  • To provide command signals or program selection in electrical control schemes.


  • For domestic and commercial installations.

Connection capacity:

– rigid conductor: 1.5 to 10mm2
– flexible conductor: 1 to 6mm2

Isolating voltage 500V~
Nominal current 10-20A

Complies with IEC 947-3 and 60 947-3

  Designation Characteristics Width in ❚ 17.5 mm Pack Qty. Cat. Ref.
SK602 1 pole selector switch 1 contact o/c 3 1 SK600
1 pole selector switch 20A 400V~
Non spring return
2 pole selector switch 2 contacts NC/NO 3 1 SK601
2 pole selector switch 20A 400V~
SK602 with return to position when not
SK603 Selector switch for voltmeters 20A 400V~ 3 1 SK602
7 positions
Selector switch for voltmeters
Selector switch for ammeters 20A 400V~ 3 1 SK603
SK603 4 positions or with current transformers / 5A
Selector switch for ammeters
Step selector switch 20A 400V~ 3 1 SK604
Step selector switch
Key selector switch 10A 400V~ 3 1 SK606
Key selector switch
Spare key for SK606 1 SK001