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Air Circuit Breakers

HW series ACBs : 800A to 4000A air circuit breakers

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The HW range of air circuit breakers provide easy solutions for low voltage electrical circuit protection. State-of-the-art characteristics offer designers and installers a wide range of user-friendly, practical features, benefits and protection.

Special attention to details such as simplicity of set up and installation, safe and easy addition of accessories (shunt trips, under-voltage release, electrical charging devices) as well as indication from the front cover of installed accessories and their voltage (with no need to open the circuit breaker) combine to make Hager ACBs an ideal choice in low voltage power distribution systems for industrial and commercial applications.

Fixed type Draw-out type
Fixed type Draw-out type


Transparent windows also provide visual indication of the presence of :


Air circuit breakers are widely used in low voltage power distribution systems of industrial, residential and commercial buildings. As the main incoming device, Hager ACBs have high dynamic and thermal stability. Ensuring uninterrupted power supply, able to break reliably at high short circuit currents.

Hager ACBs are available from 800A to 4000A, in three frame sizes, in breaking capacities of 50kA, 65kA, 80kA and 100kA at Icu = Ics = Icw


  • Ease of installation
  • Quick, easy and safe mounting of accessories
  • Wide range of current ratings and breaking capacities
  • No deration of rated current up to 60oC
  • Visual indication (from front of circuit breaker) of accessories mounted within (and their voltage rating)
  • Shrouded, padlockable on-off push buttons
  • Simple, safe inspection and maintenance of circuit breakers
  • Easy terminal conversion (horizontal – vertical – flat connection)

Unique features

  1. Accessory mounting
  • Simple bayonet-type clip-in of shunts, under-voltage release, operations counter, and more
  1. Visual indication
  • of accessories mounted and their ratings from the front with no need to remove the cover
  1. Push button shrouds
  • Shrouded, padlockable on-off push buttons
  1. Flexible termination
  • Easily converts from flat – horizontal – vertical (draw-out type)
  1. Racking handle
  • incorporated into body of switch for easy removal and storage
  1. Padlockable
  • Racking shutter for safety (three padlocks)
  1. Easy removal
  • No tools required to remove plug-in type arc chutes. Interlocked with switch (will not operate if arc chutes not properly installed)
  1. LED indication
  • of percentage load on switch and reason for trip (overload, short circuit, instantaneous, earth fault)


Incorporated safety measures ensure operator and maintenance personnel safety.

Safety shutters (top and bottom) can be padlocked without additional accessories
Safety shutters
<< Tool-less removal and replacement of arc chutes for easy inspection of contacts (interlocking prevents circuit breaker operation if arc chutes are not properly secured)

  • Cabinet door interlocked with racking shutter to prevent racking in or out while the cabinet door is open
  • Mismatching protection mechanism permits only breakers of the same rating to be replaced
Cabinet door interlocked
<< Optional (all position) lock permits the frame to be locked in “isolated”, “test” or “service” positions

Racking shutter is padlockable to prevent access of racking handle

Racking shutter
<< Shrouded on/off buttons can be sealed or can be independently padlocked


Up to three ACBs can be interlocked with one another for :

  • two incomers (2 I/C)
  • three incomers (3 I/C)
  • two incomers plus one standby (2 I/C + 1 SB)
  • two incomers plus one bus coupler (2 I/C + 1 B/C)
Panel door ingress seal (supplied as standard) affords IP53 protection to prevent ingress of dust and moisture
Panel door ingress seal
<< “Off” button can also be locked with an optional key lock

Hager’s ACB design permits all operations, settings and clear visual indications from the front facia of the ACB.

  • shunt opening release and voltage thereof
  • shunt closing release and voltage thereof
  • undervoltage release and voltage thereof
  • motor charging device and voltage thereof
  • operation counter

Equipped with advanced microprocessor based protection and control units, Hager ACBs ensure a wide protection range with broad adjustment scope, accommodating all important tripping functions for ease of operation.

Protection control units are available in two versions :

  • basic with protection (LSLCD)
  • basic with ground fault protection (LSIG)
  • microprocessor based technology, with all tripping functions
  • equipped with self-check test kit for diagnostics
  • true RMS measurements
  • indication of load current percentage
  • automatic / manual resetting option
  • settings protected with sealable front cover
  • instantaneous protection
  • protection of neutral against overload
  • faster response for recurrent faults in overload zone, ie thermal reflectivity

Two installation types are available :

  • fixed type
  • draw-out type

Conversion from one type to another can be performed simply with minimal tools.