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Air Circuit Breaker Accessories

Combined with the circuit breakers, all accessories provide complementary functions and safety facilities. Accessories are common to all ACB frame sizes.

When mounted, accessories such as closing release, shunt release, undervoltage release, electric charging device and operation counter provide clear indication of their presence and their rated voltage from the front (without removing the cover).

 Description Technical information Rated voltage / current Catalogue reference Power consumption Operating limit
Closing release AC 50Hz 110V HWX251 150VA max, 0.5s 85 – 100%
AC 50Hz 240V HWX253
AC 50Hz 415V HWX254
DC 24V HWX255
DC 48V HWX257
Closing release AC 50Hz 110V HWX211 150VA max, 0.5s 85 – 100%
AC 50Hz 240V HWX213
AC 50Hz 415V HWX214
DC 24V HWX215
DC 48V HWX217
Undervoltage release (without delay) AC 50Hz 110V HWX241 150VA max, 3s 85 – 100%
AC 50Hz 240V HWX243
AC 50Hz HWX244
Undervoltage release (with delay 1s – 3sec) AC 50Hz 110V HWX231 150VA max, 3s 85 – 100%
AC 50Hz 240V HWX233
AC 50Hz HWX234
Electric charging device AC 50Hz 110V HWX311 120VA/120W 85 – 100%
AC 50Hz 240V HWX313
AC 50Hz HWX314 240VA/240W
Off button key lock Castell Lock HWY141
Key lock arrangement for all positions Castell Lock HWY151
Key lock arrangement for isolated position Castell Lock HWY131
Operation counter HWY211
Protection and control unit LSI HWW32
Mechanical interlock Two incomers HWY121
Three incomers HWY122
Two incomers + one standby HWY123
Two incomers + one bus coupler HWY124
Door interlock mechanism HWY112
Arc shield cover Frame I 3 pole HWY601
Frame II 4 pole HWY602
Frame II 3 pole HWY603
Frame III 3 pole HWY604
Frame III 4 pole HWY605
Ingress door seal Fixed HWY114
Draw-out HWY115
External neutral current transformer CT For Frame I 800A HWW213
For Frame I 1000A HWW214
For Frame I 1250A HWW215
For Frame I 1600A HWW216
For Frame II 2000A HWW226
For Frame II 2500A HWW227
For Frame II 3200A HWW233
For Frame III 4000A HWW234