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Protection & Control Unit


LSLCD and LSIG protection controllers have the following:

1. Common functions

  • Mechanical trip indication. On tripping, the red indication bar pops out. After the fault is cleared, the bar needs to be reset manually. As an optional feature, the bar can be reset automatically.

2. Test button

  • Keep the button pressed until the power On indicator lights up red. On release of the button, if the indicator flashes green, it means the protection controller is healthy and if it flashes amber, the protection controller needs to be repaired.

3. Query button

  • On tripping, the power supply to the control unit is cut. In such an instance, keep the query button pressed, and the relevant fault indication bulb lights up, protection controller supplies power for the indicator.

4. Clear button

  • After clearing all the faults, keep the clear button pressed to reset the protection controller.

5. Test controller using RS485 socket

  • This socket can be used to connect a simulation kit to test controller settings.

Sealable front cover for controller

  • After setting, the front cover can be sealed.