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Auxiliaries and accessories for MCBs & RCCBs

  • All auxiliaries are common to both single and multi-pole circuit breakers. These auxiliaries are fitted to the left hand side of devices.
  • Fault indication, auxiliaries, shunt trips, and under-voltage releases are fitted with a flag indicator that indicates the automatic/remote tripping of the device.
  • Test mode for CZ001, MZ201, MZ202 : possible to test cabling of auxiliary circuits operation by tripping-over contacts manually.
  • Resetting of contact occurs simultaneously with MCB/RCCB resetting.
  • CZ001 must be fitted on the RCCB before fitting maximum one additional auxiliary (MZ203 to MZ206).
  • Up to 4 auxiliaries can be fitted on MCB.
Designation  Description Width in ❚ 17.5mm Pack Qty.
Cat. Ref.
MZ201 Auxiliary + alarm switch for RCCB  1 module wide for 1 1 CZ001
 ON/OFF & trip indication
Auxiliary contacts  1NO + 1NC auxiliary contact ½ 1 MZ201
6A – 230V~
3A – 440V~
Allows remote indication of main contact status.
 Auxiliary contacts
MZ204  Signal contacts  1NO + 1NC signal contact ½ 1 MZ202
6A – 230V~
3A – 440V~
Signal contact indicates a fault condition (e.g. MCB tripped on overload or short circuit).
flag indicator red – MCB tripped
 Signal contacts
 MZ205 Shunt trip  230 – 415 Vac 1 1 MZ203 
Allows remote tripping of the device  110 – 130 Vdc
 Shunt trip
 24 – 48 Vac MZ204 
 MZ205  12 – 48 Vdc
Under voltage release
Allows MCB to be closed only when voltage is above 70% of Un. MCB will automatically trip when voltage falls by 35% of Un  48 Vdc  1  1 MZ205
 Under voltage release  230 Vac  MZ206
Overvoltage auxiliary
Protects the installation from permanent overvoltage  230 Vac  1 1 MZ209
Combined Over & Under-voltage auxiliary
Protects the installation from permanent over and under voltage  230 Vac 1 1 MZ214
MZN175 Locking kit  This allows locking of the device dolly in the 2  MZN175
For the dolly of the device  on/off position.
supplied without padlock.  will accept two padlocks with hasps of 4.75mm
 diameter max.