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Remote Control Auxiliary

These products are remote control auxiliaries for modular protection devices (MCB, RCCB, RCBO).

They allow:
– to operate by remote control the closing and opening contacts of the associated device (MCB, RCD and RCBO).
– to indicate the state of contacts and the tripping of the associated product.

The product MZ911, MZ912 has a further function which allows a second automatic tripping when fault current.

Particular functioning modes

– power interruption:

  • When the power is interrupted, the product saves its state (time delays, handle position and number of trippings) in order to reset when the power supply returns.

During the interruptions the indicator light and the contacts “a” and “b” are open.
If a control disappears during an interruption, it is not executed when there is supply.

– soldered contacts on the associated product:

  • In this case, the handle of the remote auxiliary positions itself in the centre as the handle of the associated device.

This state is indicated by:

  • “a” and “b” contacts opening.
  • the indicator light is intermittent red.

– forced remote closing:

  • When “on” or sutomatic reclosing are jammed, the controled device has tripped 3 times or a time delay (3 mins or 30 secs) is present, it is possibler to reactivate them.

To unjam “on” remotely, we must activate “reset” postion (for 5 s) until a green indicator light appears.
To reinitialise the automatic resetting remotely, activate “reset” and then “on”.
To reinitialise locally, hold the side selector.

– remote control impossible when tripping (overloads or short-circuits):

  • It is impossible to impose a manual setting after tripping.
  • To reset, cable the contacts “a” and “b” in ordeer and connect them on “reset” control (input ˚6).

Connection capacity

– Up:

  • Rigid conductor: 1.5 to 10mm2
  • Flexible conductor: 1 to 6mm2

– Down:

  • Rigid conductor: 2 to 2.5mm2
  • Flexible conductor: 2 to 2.5mm2

Complies with EN 50-5557.

 Designation  Description Width in ❚ 17.5mm Pack Qty.
Cat. Ref.
MZ912  Auto reclosing remote  for 1, 2, 3, 4 pole MCBs, RCBOs, RCCB, with or without add-on-block 3 1 MZ911
 control auxiliaries
 for 1, 2, 3, 4 pole MCBs, RCBOs, RCCB, with or without add-on-block  3 1 MZ912