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ATyS S – ATyS Sd

from 40 to 125 A

ATyS S - ATyS Sd
  • ATyS S is a range of 4 pole motorised changeover switches with positive break indication. They enable the on load transfer of two three-phase supplies via remote volt-free contacts, from either an external automatic controller, using pulse logic, or a switch. They are intended for use in low voltage power systems where interruption of the load supply is acceptable during transfer.
Extensive power supply range
  • The ATyS S is available in four supply versions, each with a broad range (+/-30%).
    The four versions are:
    – 230 VAC single power supply
    – 2 x 230VAC dual power supply
    – 12 VDC power supply
    – 24/48 VDC power supply
Safety and reliability
  • ATyS S products use stable position technology, ensuring constant pressure on the contacts and preventing premature faults. In addition, they do not require a power supply to maintain position, thus protecting their loads from voltage fluctuations.
Easy integration
  • ATyS S products can be easily installed inside enclosures. Their design, and in particular their compact
    size, enables integration within most 200 mm deep enclosures.
Simplified maintenance
  • Maintenance can be carried out easily under load, with manual operation still available. The control and motorisation section can be replaced simply by removing 4 screws, with no work required on the installation cabling.
ATyS Sd Dual power supply
  • In addition to the functions offered by the ATyS S, the ATyS Sd incorporates supply redundancy without the need for additional wiring. This is obtained by integrating a double supply (2 independent supplies) directly within the product.