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The new ATyS Range:

intuitive, safe and robust devices

A complete range of motorised and automatic changeover switches from 125 to 3200 A

  • To meet the increasing demands of its users, the ATyS range is constantly evolving to offer new functions.
  • Five models are available to perfectly meetthe needs of your application.
The new ATyS range
 ATyS ATyS d ATyS t ATyS g ATyS p
Remote Transfer Switch +  Dual power supply +  Automatic controller to manage transformer / transformer applications +  Automatic controller
to manage transformer /
genset applications
+ Functions for energy management
Communication options
ATyS p special functions:

  • Automatic load shedding: Load management based on source power.
  • Power and energy monitoring: Measurement of kW, kVar, kVA, kWh, kVarh, kVAh.
  • Installation monitoring: Time-stamped event recording, remote access via the Webserver.
  • Generator management: Programmed periodic generator starting (Engine Exerciser), on load and off load tests.
  • EASY CONFIG configuration software.
Product description Existing range New range
Motorised changeover switch with single power supply ATyS 3s
1523 YXXX*
9523 YXXX*
Motorised changeover switch with double power supply ATyS 3e
1533 YXXX*
ATyS d
9533 YXXX*
Automatic changeover switch for transformer/transformer applications; potentiometer configuration not available ATyS t
9543 YXXX*
Automatic changeover switch for transformer/generator applications;
potentiometer configuration
not available ATyS g
9553 YXXX*
Automatic changeover switch for any application, with measurement / configuration display + keypad ATyS 6e
1563 YXXX*
See ATyS t, ATyS g
or ATyS p
Automatic changeover switch for any application, with measurement / configuration display + keypad and power management functions ATyS 6m
1573 YXXX*
ATyS p
9573 YXXX*
Y = 3 for a 3 pole device and 4 for a 4 pole device.
  • 012: 125 A
  • 016: 160 A
  • 020: 200 A
  • 025: 250 A
  • 031: 315 A
  • 040: 400 A
  • 050: 500 A
  • 063: 630 A
  • 080: 800 A
  • 100: 1000 A
  • 125: 1250 A
  • 160: 1600 A
  • 180: 1800 A
  • 200: 2000 A
  • 250: 2500 A
  • 320: 3200 A


Safe operation Robust integrated solution Intuitive use
  • Permanent indication of product availability (Watchdog relay).
  • Positive break indication.
  • Mechanical position interlocking.
  • Padlocked mode to secure maintenance operations (lockout).
  • Secure access to the product configuration.
A single product with all functions:

  • Integrated and tested solution: Components factory assembled and wired.
  • Greater reliability: Compliance with IEC 60947-6-1, the standard governing changeover switches.
  • Manual emergency control: The product can be controlled quickly and safely using an emergency handle (motor installed or removed).
  • Simple selection of operating mode (Auto/ Manual) using an integrated selector.
Proven SOCOMEC technology:
  • Combination of two “back-to-back” PC
    (load break switch) class switches.
  • Switching based on stable positions
    guaranteeing constant pressure on the
    contacts at all times.
  • SIRCO contact technology used in numerous products for over 40 years.
Rapid commissioning Easy maintenance
  • ATyS and ATyS d: No configuration necessary.
  • ATyS t and ATyS g: Configuration in just a
  • few minutes using a screwdriver.
  • ATyS p: Simplified configuration (EASY CONFIG software and LCD screen on the device).
  • ATYS t, g, p: Auto-configuration of the network parameters.
  • Self-cleaning sliding contacts.
  • Easy replacement of the motor and electronic unit, even on load.