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from 125 to 1600 A

SIRCOVER ATS Bypass I-0-II 12+4P
I-0-II 12+4P
  • SIRCOVER ATS Bypass switches are manual four pole changeover switches with positive break indication. They are designed to isolate ATS type electrical equipment (automatic transfer switch) or UPS, with minimum interruption to the load supply. Integrating a SOCOMEC changeover switch into the installation enables source selection when in Bypass (see operating principle below).
Stable positions
  • SIRCOVER ATS Bypass switches have 3 stable positions which are not affected by voltage drops or vibrations.
On load switching
  • Thanks to its AC-22 characteristics, tested in accordance with standard IEC 60947-3, the SIRCOVER ATS Bypass enables on load switching.
Secured breaking
  • Simultaneous upstream and downstream isolation and fully visualised breaking.
A complete solution
  • The SIRCOVER ATS Bypass is a single product offering a genuine solution incorporating both an equipment isolation function and a switching function.
Operating principle
In Bypass position:

  • Without SIRCOVER: The load is supplied directly by one of the two power sources (transformer T1 for example).
  • With a SIRCOVER: The supply source can be selected.
Operating principle