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ATyS C30/40

Control relays

ATyS C30 controller ATyS C40 controller
ATyS C30 controller ATyS C40 controller
  • ATyS C30/C40 are modular control relays. ATyS C30/C40 allows any type of motorised changeover control: ATyS and ATyS M, contactors, circuit breakers or other motorised switches.
General characteristics
ATyS C30 ATyS C40
  • ATyS D10 or D20 connection available.
  • Inputs for auxiliary contact position information.
  • 3U measurement on network 1 and 1U on network 2.
  • 2 programmable inputs for the following functions: test on/off load, manual retransfer, priority source selection, automatic inhibit…
  • Up to 2 programmable outputs for the following functions: source availability information, load shedding relay and circuit breaker control.
  • 1 relay output for generator control.
  • Dual genset controller with a redundant genset application cycle (basic cycle).
  • 1U measurement on each source – generator 1 & generator 2.
  • 3 programmable inputs for the following functions: start/stop transfer cycle, manual retransfer, automatic inhibit…
  • 1 programmable output for the following function: source availability information and circuit breaker control.
  • 2 generator control contacts (Gen1 & Gen2).
Auxiliary power supply
  • Two versions of the ATyS C30 are available. One version with an AC supply via the measurement inputs and another with a DC auxiliary supply.
Modular device
  • The ATyS C30 and C40 are modular products (6 modules, 105 mm wide) which can be DIN rail mounted.
Extended compatibility of use
  • The product is used with Socomec changeover switches, or those using identical technology. It is also compatible with contactor and circuit breaker technologies.