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Surge arrester – Type 2

for distribution boards

SURGYS D40 2 poles
SURGYS D40 2 poles
  • The SURGYS® D40 surge arrester is designed to ensure protection of LV distribution circuits and equipment against transient overvoltages. It acts against industrial operation overvoltages and overvoltages owing to lightning.
Monobloc base with plug-in module
  • The SURGYS is supplied complete and ready for installation. Its Monobloc base is fitted with replaceable plug-in modules which, at the end of their service life, can be easily and quickly replaced without having to disconnect the Monobloc base.
Remote signalling
  • The remote plug-in signalling contact allows alarm report to a supervision station.
End of service life indicator
  • End of service life indication for internal components.
  • Power distribution unit (downstream of a main switchboard).
  • Autonomous power supply units such as generator sets, medium power UPS.
  • Machine equipment unit.
application SURGYS® D40


Front panel

front panel SURGYS® D40 1. Monobloc base
2. End of service life indicator
3. Remote signalling contact
4. DIN-rail mounting
5. Plug-in modules



Network type 230 / 400 VAC
Neutral systems TT-TN-IT (MC) TT-TN (MC/MD)
Nominal voltage Un 400 VAC
Maximum voltage Uc 400 VAC (MC) 255 VAC (MC/MD)
Temporary overvoltage at industrial frequency UT 400 VAC
Protection characteristics
Level of protection Up 1.8 kV (MC) 1.5 kV/1.25 kV (MC/MD)
Maximum discharge current ( 1 shock 8/20 μs) Imax 40 kA
Nominal discharge current ( 15 shocks 8/20 μs) In 20 kA
Mode of protection common and differential
Associated characteristics
Residual current Ic < 1 mA
Response time tr < 25 ns
Follow current If none
Rated conditional short circuit current Icc 25 kA
Recommended disconnectors fuses gG 50 A(1)
Type of disconnection indicator mechanical
Number of disconnection indicators 1
Remote signalling contact
Contact type inverter
AC making capacity 0.5 A
DC making capacity 2 A
AC nominal voltage 250 VAC
DC nominal voltage 30 VDC
Sustained current 2 A
Connection type screw terminal block
Max. cross-section of terminal connections 1.5 mm2
Operating conditions
Operating temperature – 40 … + 85 °C
Storage temperature – 40 … + 85 °C
(1) Value complies with article 534.1.5.3 of standard NF C 15100: higher ratings may however be used if reinforced continuity of service of the lightning rod branch is desired.


case SURGYS® D40
Type monobloc design
2P Dimensions W x H x D 36 x 90 x 67 mm
3P Dimensions W x H x D 54 x 90 x 67 mm
Dimensions W x H x D in 4 poles 72 x 90 x 67 mm
Case degree of protection IP20
Terminal block degree of protection IP20
Case material polycarbonate UL94-VO
Network connection cross-section 4 … 25 mm2
Earth connection cross-section 4 … 25 mm2(1)
(1) Minimum cross-section 10 mm2 with lightning rod.



Parallel arrangemen
connection SURGYS® D40



No. of poles Neutral systems Mode of protection Number of side-by-side modules Reference
2 TT, TN, IT MC(1) 2 4982 1422
3 TT, TN, IT MC(1) 3 4982 1432
4 TT, TN, IT MC(1) 4 4982 1442
2 TT, TN MC(1) / MD(2) 2 4982 1424
4 TT, TN MC(1) / MD(2) 4 4982 1444
Description of accessories Mode of protection Reference
Spare plug-in module m-D40 MC(1) 4982 0419
Spare plug-in module m-D40 MC(1) / MD(2) 4982 0418
(1) Common mode. (2) Differential mode.