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Surge arrester – Type 1

for installations with ligthning conductor and for classified sites

SURGYS G140-F 2 poles
  • The SURGYS® G140-F surge arrester is designed to ensure the protection of your low voltage distribution installations and your electrical equipment. It acts against industrial operation overvoltages and overvoltages owing to lightning.
  • This type of surge arrester is particularly recommended where there is a risk of direct impact of lightning strikes.
  • NEW: impulse current (Iimp) of 25 kA per pole.
Remote signalling
  • The remote plug-in signalling contact allows alarm report to a supervision station.
Modular design
  • Easy assembling.
End of service life indicator
  • End of service life indication for internal components.
  • Upstream location of the distribution surge arresters.
  • TGBT + building protected against lightning either:
    – through lightning conductors
    – through mesh cages.
  • TGBT in buildings subjected to high level risk of lightning strikes such as classified installations, installations located in areas prone to high density of lightning strikes, high-rise buildings, presence of antenna towers, chimneys.
  • Sites located at high altitude.
  • Distribution board of a building with presence of Lightning Protection Systems.
application SURGYS® G140-F


General characteristics

  • Type 1 surge arrester.
  • Designed to resist discharge linked to direct lightning strike.
  • Max. discharge current 140 kA.
  • Protection in common mode.
  • Thermal disconnection device.
  • End of service life indicator.
  • Remote signalling contact.
  • Absence of follow current.
  • Possibility of parallel or series arrangement.
  • Fuse combination switch recommended: FUSERBLOC (see page FUSERBLOC)


Front panel

front panel SURGYS® G140-F 1. End of service life indicator.
2. Earthing comb connection.
3. Remote signalling contact.
4. DIN rail mounting.



Network type 230 / 400 VAC
Neutral systems TT-TN-IT
Nominal voltage Un 400 VAC
Maximum voltage Uc 400 VAC
Temporary overvoltage at industrial frequency UT 400 VAC
Protection characteristics
Level of protection Up 2.5 kV
Maximum discharge current ( 1 shock 8/20 μs) Imax 140 kA
Nominal discharge current ( 15 shocks 8/20 μs) In 50 kA
Residual voltage at Iimp 1.5 kV
Impulse current (1 shock 10/350 μs) Iimp 25 kA
Mode of protection common
Associated characteristics
Residual current Ic < 2 mA
Response time tr < 25 ns
Follow current If none
Rated conditional short circuit current Icc 50 kA
Recommended disconnectors fuses gG 125 A(1)
Type of disconnection indicator mechanical
Number of disconnection indicators 3
Remote signalling contact
Number of contacts per pole 1
Contact type inverter
AC making capacity 3 A
DC making capacity 2 A
AC nominal voltage 125 VAC
DC nominal voltage 30 VDC
Sustained current 2 A
Connection type screw block
Max. cross-section of terminal connections 1.5 mm2
Operating conditions
Operating temperature – 40 … + 85 °C
Storage temperature – 40 … + 85 °C
(1) Value complies with article 534.1.5.3 of standard NF C 15100: higher ratings may however be used if reinforced continuity of service of the lightning rod branch is desired.


case SURGYS® G140-F
Type modular
2P Dimensions W x H x D 70 x 90 x 67 mm
3P Dimensions W x H x D 105 x 90 x 67 mm
Dimensions W x H x D in 4 poles 140 x 90 x 67 mm
Case degree of protection IP20
Terminal block degree of protection IP20
Case material polycarbonate UL94-5VA
Network connection cross-section 10 … 50 mm2
Earth connection cross-section 10 … 50 mm2



Series arrangement Parallel arrangement
series arragement SURGYS® G140-F parrarel arragement SURGYS® G140-F



No. of poles Number of side-by-side modules Reference
2 2 4981 1521
3 3 4981 1531
4 4 4981 1541