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 CADRYS DELTA CADRYS DELTA modular with integrated PC-workspace
CADRYS DELTA CADRYS DELTA with integrated PC-workspace
  • CADRYS DELTA enclosures are modular steel enclosures. They are intended to include automation or electrical equipment.
  • Thanks to its galvanised sheet structure, CADRYS DELTA ensures the role of a FARADAY cage, thus reducing electromagnetic interferences and ensuring correct earth bonding.
  • CADRYS DELTA enclosures are provided with 100 mm reinforced handling feet which can be fitted with a bottom panel.
  • Single-wing CADRYS DELTA enclosures have left/right reversible doors requiring no tools.
  • CADRYS DELTA are provided as standard with a reversible hing system for easy access.
  • Specific configurations can be proposed as per customer’s specifications. (colour, dimension, factory pre-assembling, etc.).
Strong points
  • Easy implementation.
  • Wide range of dimensions.
  • Reinforced handling feet.
  • Reversible hinge system.
  • Hinged rear panel.
  • Available on request.


Composition of the range(1)

  • 4 heights 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200 mm,
  • 7 widths 300, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 and 1600 mm,
  • 4 depths 400, 500, 600 and 800 mm.
  • 96 models available in the following standard presentations:
    – enclosure with transparent front door, dismountable rear panel,
    – enclosure with solid front and rear doors.
  • I n its basic version, the enclosure is equipped with a chassis, a front door, a rear panel (or door) and a top panel.
  • It is supplied on a handling pallet H 100 mm.
(1) Please consult us.


part CADRYS DELTA modular
1. Framework in welded 17.5/10 mm steel with double perforation every 25 mm.
2. Casing in folded, welded 12/10 mm steel. Structured finish powders polyester, colours RAL 7035.
3. Solid or transparent door in 15/10 mm steel with single or double wings depending on the width of the enclosure. Single-wing enclosures have left/ right reversible doors requiring no tools.
4. CNOMO (option) automatic locking handle with standard interchangeable double bar key lock.
5. Bottom plate of enclosure in 1.5 mm steel with central opening.
6. Removable roof made of 12/10 mm steel with possibility of a bus bar set box.
7. The frame elements are assembled by screwing onto a tripod.
Coupling side by side
Coupling side by side Coupling back to back Coupling back to back + side doors Juxtaposition in an L Juxtaposition in an L with busbar housings Juxtaposition in an L with front and rear doors


External options

  • The frame elements are assembled by screwing onto a tripod.
Back panel
  • The back panel can be replaced by a door without the addition or removal of any accessories.
back panel
The door can be reversed without removing the handle or hinges in 3 easy steps:

1. Remove the hinge pins.
2. Reversing of the door.
3. Replace the hinge pins.

  • The bases have 4 removable sides made of folded 1.2 mm steel. The angle pieces are 3 mm steel reinforced by welding.
  • They are designed to allow several bases to be stacked so as to obtain the height required.
Busbar housing
  • Fits in between the top panel and the top of the cubicle.
  • Takes bars up to 160 mm high.
Busbar housing
Side panels
  • Thanks to a special anchoring system, the side and back panels are easily mounted.
  • The side panel can be replaced by a door without the addition or removal of any accessories.
Side panels
  • An ergonomic automatic locking handle that does not require the use of a key.
  • This handle cannot be locked with the door open (CNOMO system).
  • When the door is reversed, it is not necessary to remove the handle.
  • The juxtaposition of cubicles side or back to back is achieved using a kit that guarantees IP55 sealing.

Internal options

Perforated plate
  • The placing of the plates is facilitated by an anchoring system.
  • No intermediate pieces are needed to fix them in place.
Perforated plate
Solid plate
  • A system of slides and clips facilitate the positioning of the plates and holds them in place during assembly.
Solid plate
  • The clip-on nuts fit onto the mounting profiles and perforated plates whilst also providing earthing.
Gland plate
  • The closing plate is fixed in place by a knurled nut.
  • It is tightened manually with no tools required.
Gland plate
Mounting profiles
  • The perforations in these profiles allow the positioning of the nuts every 25 mm or continuously.
Mounting profiles
Notched mounting profiles
  • These facilitate the positioning of the nuts and provide support during assembly.
  • These provide good slipn resistance, particularly in the event of vibration during transport.
Notched mounting profiles
Internal door
  • This allows the mounting of control auxiliaries and measuring devices protected by a solid or transparent front door.
  • It is fixed onto the frame and can be depth-adjusted at a pitch of 25 mm.
Internal door
Structural profiles
  • In 1.75 mm steel double perforated every 25 mm so as to allow madeto-measure dimensions.
  • These profiles allow the direct mounting of SOCOMEC SBC 10 and 20 bar supports.
Structural profiles