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Fuse Bases

For NH and high speed (UR) fuses 160 to 2500 A

 Base size 1 Base IP2X
Base size 1 Base IP2X
  • SOCOMEC fuse bases provide fixed, unipolar or multipolar support for knife edge fuses.
High electrical safety
  • High dielectric strength.
  • Protection IP2X (standard or optional depending on models).
High breaking capacity
  • Protection against overloads and shortcircuits thanks to fuses with a high breaking capacity (100 kA rms).
Fuse blown detection
  • When used with fuses with strikers, it is possible to collect the fuse blow detection information thanks to an auxiliary contact.
Different fixing types
  • DIN rail or back plate mounting available (depending on models).
Functional diagram
 Functional diagram
Functional diagram (for further details see the installation instructions supplied with the product).
1. Fuse bases
2. Connecting block:
– block for assembling unipolar bases T00, T0, T1, T2 and T3
– screen support for phases T00, T1, T2 and T3
3. Phase separation shield
4. Terminal shrouds (mandatory for mounting fuse covers)
5. Fuse cover (provides IP2 protection for any brand of fuse).
IP20 kit:
– unipolar = 2 connecting blocks + 2 phase separation shields + 2 terminal shrouds + 1 cover
– tripolar = 2 connecting blocks for the ends + 2 phase separation shield for the ends + 6 terminal shrouds + 3 covers.