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gPV Fuses

1 to 600 A

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 Fusib 013  Fusib 026 Fusib PV 016
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Fusib PV 018 Fusib PV 021
  • SOCOMEC PV fuses protect the installation against the inverse over-currents which could occur in the photovoltaic installation.
Breaking capacity up to 1000 VDC
  • High breaking capacity at 1000 VDC.
Product dedicated to PV applications.
  • Operating ranges adjusted for small overcurrents specific to PV installations.
High reliability
  • Absolute protection over time guaranteed by the simplicity of manufacture and function (Joule effect).
  • No downgrading of fuse characteristics over time.
Improved safety
  • The energy released whilst eliminating the fault (fuse blowing) is contained within the cartidge (no degassing).


Used characteristics

ISC: short circuit current of the string
ISC MAX : short circuit current of the string related to maximum sunlight density
IRM: maximum admitted reverse current
In: fuse rating or fuse rated current (at 25°C in a RM disconnect switch).
Nc: number of strings connected in parallel
Ue: maximum fuse rated voltage.
UOC MAX: maximum open circuit voltage in the lowest temperature conditions.


When to protect

  • A PV string requires an over-current protection when its own maximum admissible reverse current characteristic (Irm) is less than the current generated by the rest of the installation (current generated by the “Nc-1” other strings).

How to protect

  • The overload protection is to be applied at each of the two polarities, regardless of whether the DC installation is earthed or not.