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Remotely trippable switch from 250 to 1800 A

SIDERMAT 4 x 630 A External Front Operation

SIDERMAT are manually operated 3 or 4 pole load break switches with visible breaking and a remote tripping function. It’s make and break under load conditions and provide safety isolation for any low voltage circuit.

The tripping function is used to provide the following functions:

  • personal protection against insulation faults when utilised in combination with toroids and differential relays.
  • protection against overloads when utilised in combination with CTs and thermal relays.
Remote tripping Safety thanks to visible double breaking
  • Disconnection by a shunt trip device enables the power to the installation to be switched off with a remote pushbutton.
  • SIDERMATs are double breaking devices with visible contacts which provide a clear and secure display of the contact positions.
Utilisation in harsh operating conditions
  • By lowering the current via a limiting resistor, a SIDERMAT fitted with an undervoltage coil may be used in continuous processes or exposed to high ambient temperatures.