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from 125 to 5000 A

  • SIRCO and SIRCO AC are manually operated multipolar load break switches. It’s make and break under load conditions and provide safety isolation. SIRCO are designed for 415 VAC and DC low voltage electrical circuits. SIRCO AC are designed for heavy duty applications up to 690 VAC – AC 23.
General characteristics
  • Double positive break indication given through a position indication window, located directly on the product, and by the operating handle.
  • Severe utilisation categories (AC-22 and AC-23).
  • High resistance to damp heat (supplied “tropicalised”).
SIRCO AC 3 x 250 A direct handle SIRCO 3 x 250 A direct handle
Reliability and performance Safety of property and personnel
  • The SIRCO’s double breaking per pole, achieved through its sliding bar contact ystem, is a proven design that offers very high durability and short-circuit withstand.
  • The quick opening and rapid closure of the SIRCO’s contacts, combined with specifically designed arcing chambers, provides the SIRCO AC with improved breaking performance.
  • The position indicator is located directly on the sliding bar contact mechanism, ensuring it can be seen in all circumstances.
  • The use of glass fibre reinforced polyester gives the SIRCO and SIRCO AC both high mechanical and thermal resistance.
Simplicity Easy to install
  • The standardisation of the SIRCO and SIRCO AC range enable a cost reduction in stock management and storage thanks to their shared accessories.
Easy installation is facilitated thanks to:

  • A good centre-to-centre distance (up to 120 mm).
  • Connection up to 6×185 mm².
  • Connection accessories which facilitate connection, both flat and edgewise connections.


The SIRCO and SIRCO AC range can be easily fitted in our enclosures and cabinets designed for electrical distribution.