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TVSS Surge Switch

TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor) Surge Switch

SIRCO 200A 3 pole
SIRCO 200 A 3 pole
  • The TVSS Surge Switch is an extremely compact, high performance, manually operated, non-fused switch. It is specifically designed to withstand the high surge current of 200 kA with an 8 x 20 µs waveform seen in today’s transient voltage Surge Protective Device (SPD) applications. Socomec Surge Switch uses a unique contact design that actually clamp contacts tighter during a surge.
General characteristics
  • 200 kA 8/20 ms shockwave withstand.
  • Rated 100 A 600 VAC UL508 general use.
  • High electrical and mechanical endurance.
  • Compact product.
  • High performance.