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Active energy meters

Three-phase – direct 100 A

  • The COUNTIS E3x is a modular active electrical energy meter displaying the energy and power consumed (kWh and kW) directly on its backlit LCD display. It is designed for three-phase load metering and is used for direct connections of up to 100 A.
  • COUNTIS E32, E34 and E36 are MID certified.
RS485 communication (MODBUS or M-BUS) or pulse output
  • To enable the remote reporting of energy consumption, COUNTIS E3x are provided with either a pulse output or an RS485 communication output, with MODBUS or M-BUS protocol.
  • In addition to their reporting functions, COUNTIS E3x with RS485 can be configured remotely and enable access to multimeasurement values.
Detection of connection errors
  • The product is protected against phase/neutral inversion and detects wiring errors. This simplifies the installation and commissioning, thereby reducing associated costs, and ensures that the device operates correctly.
MID certified B+D module
  • COUNTIS E products with MID certification provide the guaranteed accuracy required for applications in which sub-billing of the electrical energy consumed is necessary. “Module B+D” certification guarantees that the design and manufacturing process of products are approved by an accredited laboratory.
Bi-directional metering (available only on the E33 and E35)
  • This function is for metering energy production or energy consumption.
Multi-measurement and load curve
  • Display of electrical values (I, U, V, S, PF) and load curve over a 7 day period via communication.
Principle diagram
principal diagram COUNTIS E3x
Common characteristics
  • Measurement accuracy: 1%
  • Backlit LCD display.
  • Detects connection errors


Models Key functions
E30 Pulse output
E31 Dual tariff (2 partial counters) + Pulse output
E32 Dual tariff + MID (Reset impossible) + Pulse output
E33 RS485 MODBUS communication
E34 RS485 MODBUS communication + MID (Reset impossible)
E35 M-BUS communication
E36 M-BUS communication + MID (Reset impossible)


Front panel

front panel COUNTIS E3x 1. Terminal shrouds (COUNTIS E32, E34 and E36).
2. Backlit LCD display.
3. MID marking (COUNTIS E32, E34 and E36).
4. Serial number (COUNTIS E32, E34 and E36).
5. Navigation key.
6. Reset key.
7. Metrological LED.


Electrical characteristics

Current measurement
Type three-phase – direct 100 A
Input consumption 0.5 VA max. per phase
Startup current (Ist) 80 mA
Minimum current (Imin) 0.5 A(1) 
Transition current (Itr) 2 A(2)
Reference current (Iref) 20 A(3)
Permanent overload (Imax) 100 A
Intermittent overload 3000 A max for 10 ms
Voltage measurement
Range of measurement 230…400 V ± 20%
Consumption (VA) 2
Permanent overload 280 V phase-neutral /
480 V phase-phase
Energy accuracy
Active (according to IEC 62053-21) Class 1
Active (according to EN 50470) Class B
Power supply
Self-supplied yes
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Output (pulsed)
Type of optocoupler IEC 62053-31 Class A (20 … 30 VDC)
Number 1
Fixed pulse weight 100 Wh
Pulse duration 100 ms
Operating conditions
Operating temperature -10 to 55 °C
Storage temperature -20 to 70 °C
Relative humidity 85%
Link RS485
Type 2 … 3 half duplex wires
Protocol MODBUS® RTU / M-BUS
MODBUS® speed 4800 … 38400 bauds
M-BUS speed 300 … 9600 bauds

(1)  I(min) ≤ 0.5 * ltr

(2) The accuracy class is guaranteed between Itr and Imax*

(3) I(ref) = I(b) (base current) = 10 * I(tr) for direct connection COUNTIS.


case COUNTIS E3x
Current measurement COUNTIS E20/E21
Type modular
Number of modules 7
Dimensions W x H x D 126 x 90 x 62.5 mm
Case degree of protection IP 20
Front degree of protection IP 51
Display type backlit LCD display
Rigid cable cross-section 2.5 to 35 mm2
Flexible cable cross-section 2.5 to 35 mm2
Weight 490 g



Connection COUNTIS E3x



Type Reference Reference Reference Reference Reference Reference Reference
100 A direct 4850 3005
100 A direct – Dual tariff 4850 3006
100 A direct – Dual tariff – MID 4850 3007
100 A direct with RS485 MODBUS communication (1) 4850 3012
100 A direct with RS485 MODBUS communication – MID(1) 4850 3013
100 A direct with M-BUS communication (1) 4850 3025
100 A direct with M-BUS communication – MID(1) 4850 3026
Management software for COUNTIS

 (1) 4 tariff through RS485 communication.