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Management software for COUNTIS and DIRIS

Easy Config software Analysis software
Easy Config software Analysis software


  • To get the most effective use from your Socomec measurement and metering devices, we can provide dedicated software tools:
Easy Config software
  • The Easy Config software enables quick and easy remote device configuration for COUNTIS E, COUNTIS ECi and DIRIS A meters. Configuration files can be copied from and sent to these devices, or they can be created without communication and sent at a later time.
  • Multiple devices can be configured from a single file which is especially useful for OEMs and panel builders, saving time when having to program many devices with the same configuration.
Analysis software
  • On the basis of an event log and the displayed curves, the Analysis software allows the analysis and extraction of quality data, as well as fault current monitoring (Residual Current Monitoring)
Webserver function
  • The DIRIS A’s optional Ethernet modules integrate HTML pages, enabling the Webserver function to be directly accessed through a standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, …), eliminating the need for software installation.
  • The Webserver function enables:

– monitoring of electrical values
– viewing of energy consumption
– managing alarms
– configuration of the main parameters of installation
– viewing and extracting load curves (through a.CSV file)

Principle diagram
Easy Config Webserver Analysis
COUNTIS E with RS485 communication   •(1)
COUNTIS ECi   •(1)
DIRIS A10, A17, and A20 with RS485 communication   •(1)
DIRIS A40 with RS485 communication    •(1)
DIRIS A40 with Ethernet communication module
DIRIS A60 and A80 with RS485 communication module    •(1)
DIRIS A60 and A80 with Ethernet communication module
(1) Through DIRIS A fitted with an Ethernet communication module with RS485 gateway.