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Analysis software

Improvement to the reliability of your electrical installation can be achieved with this software through the analysis of displayed event curves generated from the event log.

It offer the following functios:

  • A list of voltage dips, cut-offs, overvoltages, and overcurrents
  • A list of alarms In and IPE for DIRIS A80
  • A display of 10 curves (3V, 3U, 3I, In) linked to the event with a zoom functionality
  • The classification of events according to the EN 50160 standard
  • Exporting of pictures or curves files
This software can be connected to the DIRIS using either an RS485 MODBUS or Ethernet communication module.
Event log
Curves display and analysis


Webserver function

DIRIS A Ethernet communication module with RS485 gateway The Webserver function comprises HTML pages embedded within the optional Ethernet communication module of the DIRIS A multifunction meter. These pages can be accessed via an internet browser, simply by entering the DIRIS A’s IP Address. The Webserver offers the following functions:
– Monitoring of electrical values
– Viewing energy consumption
– Management of alarms
– Remote configuration of the main parameters for meters within
DIRIS A Ethernet communication
module with RS485 gateway
– Viewing and extracting load curves (through a.CSV file)

Instantaneous report of measurements
Instantaneous report of measurements
Display for viewing instantaneous and average electrical values.
Power and energy
power and energy
Display for viewing instantaneous and average power measurements and energy consumption.
Configuration of the devices
configuration of devices
The latest alarms are date and time registered. The duration and value for each alarm (low limit / high limit value), as well as the related output alarm number, are also displayed.
Data can be extracted in *.csv format