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Monitoring Software


Software for Power Monitoring System (PMS)

  • The first step in your Energy Efficiency approach, VERTELIS VISION is a solution composed of an industrial PC with embedded software (Vertelis box). Its functionalities can be accessed from any terminal (PC, pad, etc.) using a standard Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). Its purpose is to collect data from DIRIS A, DIRIS N, COUNTIS E and COUNTIS ECi products for report analysis and event log or alarm management purposes.
  • Communication between the Vertelis box and the devices is achieved either by means of the Ethernet network or a serial RS485 port.
Turnkey solution
  • For easy and quick implementation, our solution includes software pre-configuration, commissioning & maintenance.
Report auto-configuration
  • Only devices, their hierarchy and energy tariffs should be defined.
Dedicated Industrial PC
  • The VERTELIS VISION software is pre-installed in a dedicated industrial PC offering an enduring and reliable solution.
Display of multi-utility load curves
  • Key element to check that your contract tariffis adapted to your consumption.
Principle diagram
  • The VERTELIS VISION solution communicates with all SOCOMEC products included in the installation. Thanks to manual or automatic measurements, instantaneous or logged data reports are accessible using an internet browser (Internet Explorer 9, Firefox).
  • It offers the easy supervision of the instantaneous energy consumed by furnaces, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, etc.
The user can also have access to:

  • The logs of the selected electrical values over a defined time period.
  • The alarms (measurements, consumptions, status…)
  • Indications of malfuntions arising from the installation.
  • A manual or automatic report extraction.

All of this information is based on the measurements reported on a device or set of devices. For easy and quick implementation, the VERTELIS VISION solution includes commissioning.

General characteristics
The VERTELIS VISION solution makes it possible to:
  • Supervise up to 50 measurement points.
  • Depending on the product characteristics, view energy indexes, electrical values (U, I, FP, f, harmonics, etc.) and alarms.
  • View curves and statistics of the data logs selected.
  • Remotely set the date and time, the reset of indexes and the relay status.
  • Show the load or average curves (10, 15, 20 or 30 min) and the related value charts for DIRIS A40/A60/A80 and COUNTIS Ci / ECi.
  • Set the automatic release of reports.
Communication with SOCOMEC products:
  • Connection type: RS485, Ethernet.
  • Supported protocols: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU over TCP.
  • Multi-language software, includes the following as standard: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Turkish.



General instantaneous reports
  • Measurements, indexes and inputs/outputs are presented in charts.
  • The data availability and content can vary depending on the selected device.
  • The user can decide to include each device in his reports.
  • These pages are automatically refreshed over a defined period of time.
  • They can also be extracted manually.
General instantaneous reports
The page presenting the measurement general report shows the following data for the selected device:- currents,
– phase to neutral voltages,
– phase to phase voltage,
– frequency,
– active, reactive and apparent power per phase,
– power factors,
– impulse metering inputs (DIRIS A).If data is not available for a specific device or if the network setting is not compatible, a dash (-) is displayed in the corresponding field.
The ‘Index’ page shows the following data categories for all the DIRIS and COUNTIS selected:- partial electrical values,
– total electrical values,
– partial indexes,
– total indexes.
index General instantaneous reports
Single device instantaneous reports
Depending on the characteristics of the device selected, the following pages are available:- measurements,
– index,
– quality,
– inputs/outputs.These pages are automatically updated over a defined period of time. Data can be extracted in *.csv format.
The ‘Measures’ page displays the following data:- currents,
– phase to neutral voltages,
– phase to phase voltage,
– frequency,
– power factors,
– active, reactive and apparent power
– impulse metering inputs (DIRIS A).
Measurements Single device instantaneous reports
Digital data viewing depends on the device characteristics:- index of electrical values,
– values ol pulse meters,
– time index,
– index per tariff category.
For the selected DIRIS A or N, viewing of harmonic curves and distortion rate charts:- the 3 currents and the neutral (depending on the network type),
– the phase to phase and phase to neutral voltages (depending on the network type).
Quality Single device instantaneous reports
Log file
The VERTELIS VISION software has been designed to analyse the remotely reported data stored over a selected period, that is:- statistics and stored data,
– reports of indexes,
– load curves.
Statistic reports and history logs
They are classified by:- index,
– measures,
– quality,
– events.
Parameters stored include:- the minimum value per day,
– the maximum value per day,
– the latest logged value,
– a link to the statistics page,
– a link to all the data logged.
Measurements Single device instantaneous reports
Statistics on Quality
  • The minimum, average and maximum values per day over the selected period for analysed data are displayed. Data is displayed under curve and chart format.
Statistics on Quality functions
Quality history logs
  • It is possible to view the graph and chart of stored measurements over the selected period.
Quality history logs functions
Index report
They display a chart including the multi-utility indexes with the following information:- start value,
– end value,
– consumption difference in the corresponding utility unit,
– consumption difference in a unit common to all utilities,
– average cost over the period.
Index report functions
Load curves
  • On this page it is possible to view the graphs and average power value charts or the indexes over the selected period.
Load curves functions
Different types of notifications can be managed:- alarms released by the DIRIS A,
– alarms about index differences,
– value alarms about the average, minimum and maximum currents, voltage and power values reported.E-mail alerts are sent to users by means of a message server.
Four web pages arealso available to view:- alarms in progress,
– alarms recorded,
– statistics on a specific alarm,
– alarm notifications.
They give access to the various tools needed for the correct operation of the software as well as to a specific tool to create curves from the log file.Example:

  • Curve for following up electricity consumption, external temperature and load curves over a selected period.
Tools functions